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Bravo AOC 2003

May 3rd - 6th, 2003 - Vancouver, BC
RemoteDesk for everyone! Powered by RemoteDesk

Be sure to attend our RemoteDesk session as we go through the RemoteDesk components step-by-step. When you leave AOC 2003 you'll have everything you will need to;
  • Present RemoteDesk as a "one-stop", seamless solution that integrates the many functions of an office with your accounting system
  • Receive orders from branch offices, sales reps, PocketPCs, customers, web sites, tradeshows, warehouses and more
  • Sell to most customers in your database with OE or AR
  • Demonstrate handheld technology including PocketPC introduction, printing bar codes, scanning, and synchronizing plus how to integrate to handhelds quickly and easily
  • Learn how to connect to ANY shopping cart, including RemoteShop for B2C web site requirements
  • Operate Point-of-sale (POS) power
  • Plus we will arm you with the "7 steps to easy eCommerce". so you'll be able to put together quotes to satisfy ALL remote sourced order scenarios for your clients

    You'll know how to maximize your profits and get the sales rolling, complete with the knowledge to successfully install and recommend this product line. Once you're done, you won't be able to satisfy your clients fast enough with this award winning product!

    e.veryone wins with Bravo!

Visit us at the booth too where we will be showing our newest product for ACCPAC Windows, Remote OE.W, which takes the success of our RemoteOE for Plus product into the Windows arena, and going over RemoteDesk v4.1, which just released with tons of new features!

Come see Tracy & Dave, get free stuff, and start taking advantage of this billion dollar industry with RemoteDesk, the easy way!

Send us an e-mail if you plan on attending our session so we can bring a free copy of RemoteDesk eCommerce CD-Eval and a shirt just for you too.

  • View AOC Reference Guide 2002 Version PDF Version

    Session Topic and Dates:
    • Session 1 - TBD

      Topic: RemoteDesk Step-by-step - Part 1 of 2

      Did you know RemoteDesk has 3 Administrator types, 14 separate add-ons, and satisfies ALL remote sourced order scenarios from sales reps, branch offices, customers, the web, handhelds, trade shows and warehouse installations? This session will go over each of the components and prove to you that no matter where the order comes from; it should go through RemoteDesk first. From installation of RemoteDesk, the components, requirements and markets, we will cover all you need to know to get the sales rolling, while providing you with the knowledge to successfully install and recommend this product line.

      We will also touch on our latest developments including RemoteDesk POS (Point-of-Sale), RemoteDesk EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and our browser based web deployment applet for on-line ordering for any customers.
    • Download Session 1 Notes (PowerPoint presentation - right click to download)
    • Session 2 - TBD

      Topic: RemoteDesk Advanced - Part 2 of 2

      With all the components in place, and your installation under way, now is the time to add handhelds and eCommerce to this solution. We will go over how to set up the remote components in RemoteDesk and the steps to a successful eCommerce installation. Then we will take a look at the ways you get remote sourced orders into the system, and how to tailor new and existing systems to conform to this. Lastly, we will be taking a look at the bar coding and Point-of-Sale options so you can confidently recommend this solution.
    • Download Session 2 Notes (PowerPoint presentation - right click to download)
    If you are attending AOC, and wish to register for our sessions, please fill out this Bravo AOC Seminar Registration Form. Pre-registered users will be entitled to a CD-Rom version of RemoteDesk eCommerce for evaluation to install for demonstration purposes (30 day unlimited version).

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