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What is e.Commerce?

e.Commerce is selling goods using web pages and the internet, it is conducting business on-line. This includes, buying and selling products, digital cash such as Paypal, and via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Some of the components of e-commerce include:
  • Electronic presentation of goods and services (catalog)
  • On-line ordering and payment processing (SSL)
  • Automated customer account inquiries
  • Receipt generation and on-line bill/account presentation

A few ways to implement e-commerce include:
  • Develop an interactive database-driven online catalog
  • Add secure on-line ordering capabilities with electronic payment, real-time shipping quotes and electronic receipts
  • Web-enable invoices, receipts and statements for real-time presentation

Benefits of e-commerce include:
  • Increased order capacity with less human intervention
  • Incresed margins by improving the transaction cycle processes
  • Improved customer service by providing customers "What they want, when they want it"

How does it work?


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