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RemoteDesk Adminstrator Versions:
    Enter Quantity and tick the box
    RemoteDesk Eval CD - $29 (Download is FREE)
    RemoteDesk for Sage ACCPAC - $2895 - includes 1 client version
    RemoteDesk for ADAGIO - $1895 - includes 1 client version
    RemoteDesk for Great Plains Dynamics - call for details
    RemoteDesk for Great Plains Dynamics - call for details
    RemoteDesk eCommerce - $3895
    RemoteDesk eCommerce Bundle - $12500
    RemoteDesk TradeShow - $5495

RemoteDesk Add-ons:
    RemoteDesk Client Version - $695
    RemoteDesk Add-on for GoldMine - $149 (Requires Client Version)
    RemoteDesk Add-on for ACT! - $149 (Requires Client Version)
    RemoteDesk for GoldMine - $795 (Stand alone)
    RemoteDesk for ACT! - $795 (Stand alone)
    RemoteDesk Add-on for Apparel Pac - $995
    RemoteDesk Invoicer - $795
    RemoteDesk Invoicer for Windows AR- $795
    RemoteDesk for Windows CE - $495
    RemoteDesk Customer - $495
    RemoteDesk Bar Coding - $995

RemoteDesk Customer Care Plans:(Mandatory for year 1)
    RemoteDesk Customer Care - $1100
    RemoteDesk eCommerce Customer Care - $1900
    RemoteDesk TradeShow Customer Care - $1600

Sage ACCPAC integration:
    EDI-PAC/2000 for Windows - $1695
    EDI-PAC/2000 for SQL/DB2/Oracle $4595
    Remote OE.W (Head Office) - $1495
    Remote OE.W Orders $395
    Remote OE.W Invoices $695 (includes orders and invoices)
    Remote OE.W Credit Notes $795 (includes all three)
    RemoteSync HO - AR - $595
    RemoteSync HO - OE - $595
    RemoteSync HO - IC - $595
    RemoteSync HO Full - $1495 (OE,IC,AR)
    RemoteSync - Remote - $295
ACCPAC Plus integration only:
    Remote Order Entry - $995
    Remote OE - Client Version - $395
    EDI-PAC - $995
    ACCFAX - $795
    Shipping Management Link - $1495
    SML - Item Substitution $450
    SML - Serial Number Upload $450
    License - $99
    Custom Programming/RFP - Please Call
Dealer Programs:
    Premium Partner - $795
    RemoteDesk - $495
    Electronic Solution Series - $495
    GoldMine Add-ons $ 295
    Great Plains Partner Program - $495

Website Design Services
    Website Improve - $100/hour
    SOHO - $500 USD
    Small Business - $700 USD
    Premier - $900 USD
    Custom Website

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Note: If you do not wish to include your Credit Card Number, leave the Credit Card fields blank and a representative from Bravo Software Group will call you to get the required information or print out this form and fax to (818)859-7210.


Shipping charges will automatically be added as follows, on a per order basis.
Products should arrive within 1-3 days to Canada and the USA, 7-10 days worldwide.

Select shipping method:
U.P.S: Canada or U.S.A. $25.00
Overnight: Canada or U.S.A $35.00
International: Please call

New Shipping Policy: As a result of recent courier and client issues, please note that every shipment will now have an added fee for insurance purposes in the event of loss during transit. This fee will be .65 cents per $100 of value, and will be added to the bill. It is simply a direct fee charged to us by the courier companies, and since our shipments are user responsibility once it has been shipped from our location, this is to protect the user from charges for goods not received. Select payment method:
Put charge on invoice
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FedEx or Purolator Overnight Courier service is available worldwide, we advise that you inquire about rates.

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Prices are listed along with the products, and shipping charges are outlined above.

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