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Web Design Services: Rates

SOHO Design

    This package includes;

  • 6 pages with graphic buttons
  • E-mail links
  • Company logo - must be provided in .gif format
  • Background graphics
  • Choice of one animation
  • Additional buttons and graphics quoted separately

    Pricing: $500 USD one-time charge

Small Business Design

  • SOHO Design plus:
  • Feedback form
  • Banner Click here for samples
  • Additional pictures
  • 4 Additional pages
  • Choice of 2 animations

    Pricing: $700 USD one-time charge

Premier Design

  • Small Business Design plus:

  • Additional pictures
  • Additional pages
  • Choice of 4 animations

    Pricing: $1200 USD one-time charge

Custom Web design
    You name it, we can do it. Just let us know what you want, and we can get you a quote. From full on-line shopping cart integration, to animated graphics and logos, we can provide you with an eye-catching site that will keep your customers coming back!
Bravo Software Group supports the following building tools:

IIS: Microsoft Internet Information Server with Internet Explorer clients.
CFML: ColdFusion Language.
Macromedia: Flash, Authorware, Director, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Fireworks, Freehand, Generator
SQL: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.
ASP: Active Server Pages.
ADO: Active-X Database Objects for database connectivity.
VBScript: Visual Basic script for server-side scripting.
JavaScript: Java script for client-side scripting.
HTLM: HTML for website page display.
DHTML: Dynamic HTML for interactivity.
XML: For eXtensible Markup Language database connectivity
ODBC: Open DataBase Connectivity for integration to other applications


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