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Getting Started
with e.Commerce

RemoteDesk e.Commerce Cycle:

  1. Contact us...we can get you started or refer you to a dealer in your area that can implement RemoteDesk and our e.Commerce solution for under $75 per month!

  2. Run through our test site - make sure ShopZone has the features you are looking for
    (Click here to go through test store)

  3. Visit the ShopZone site - check out live client sites (There are over 50 store templates available, plus you can customize it to your look and feel afterwards)

  4. If you are a reseller, select a client or set up a store for yourself - for $34.95 it is not a big cost to be able to do a complete test with the storefront. ShopZone lets you open a site for 10 days for free before it expires or you can purchase it

  5. Once you are familiar with the ShopZone Wizard, and are comfortable with the store look and feel - Go LIVE!

  6. Integrate to RemoteDesk e.Commerce - if you are a dealer, this is a good time to become a Bravo Software Group Program Member. For program details visit check out our available programs. If you are an end user, RemoteDesk e.Commerce comes with a 30 day money back guarantee - you have nothing to lose!

    Why select the Bravo Software Group solution? That's Easy...

      For over 15 years we have continued to provide you with leading edge solutions at a cost-effective price.. we don't inflate for profit, we pass the best value we can find, on to you!

      We have extensive, in depth knowledge of the technology, the products, e.Commerce, ACCPAC, HTML, JAVA and the internet

      Top quality priority technical support - if not immediate, within hours

      RemoteDesk serves as the hub to all remote source orders, allows your sales reps, branch offices, or customers to use laptops or handheld devices- in addition to the web.

      The possibilities are endless!


    e.Commerce Cycle in General:

Are you ready to make an impact on the world??.. Then order now!

No Risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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