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RemoteDesk Invoicer
Installation Instructions

If you have downloaded the rd24inv.exe file to create your invoicer diskette, double click on the file and it will come up with an extraction screen. Make sure the drive path is set to a: (or your diskette drive).
Once you have the RemoteDesk Invoicer Diskette ready, there are 2 things that must occur.
1. You need to add the new remote site serial number to the Administrator
2. You need to activate the RemoteDesk Invoicer Diskette, so that the Administrator and all applicable remote sites now have the ability to do orders and/or invoices
Before proceeding, make sure you have received a RemoteDesk Activation Code from Bravo Software Group. This is different than the serial number, and Administrator keycode. It is an activation code that gets recorded onto the diskette, so that you can use the diskette as a master for all future RemoteDesk Invoice installations.
If you have not received the activation code - fax in the request form that was included with the product, or send us an e-mail containing your Company Name, RemoteDesk Administrator Serial Number, and we can generate it and get it back to you based on this.
(1) Install the diskette at the ADMINISTRATOR site first. Once RemoteDesk is successfully installed, insert the diskette into drive A:
Using the Windows START option, select RUN and enter the disk path and following filename: ie. A:INVACTIVATION.EXE
(2) A screen will be displayed prompting you to enter the Activation Code that you received from us.
(3) Click on the ACTIVATE button.
This process updates the diskette, and prepares it for installation at the Remote site.
(4) Send this diskette to the remote site, where they will repeat step 1 only from above. DO NOT do steps 2 and 3.
Special client site notes:
You must have installed the client version first, which would come from the head office either on the original CD-ROM, or a 10 diskette set that the head office can create. Once the original RemoteDesk is installed, the Invoicer activation disk is installed and unlocks the Invoicing capabilities.
This diskette can be run on all PC's with a RemoteDesk Invoicer Serial number/license, that wants to have order and invoice capabilities.
For instructions on how to operate, refer to chapter 4 of your master manual. The product simply adds the word invoice to the screen, and allows you select between order or invoice. The steps to produce are identical.


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