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RemoteDesk for Android

Order Processing for Windows Mobile and Android Devices

Taking Sage 300 and ACCPAC Plus Mobile!

Remote Android is an add-on that works in conjunction with our RemoteDesk Administrator product. It allows remote sources to send orders using a Windows Mobile or an Android device, to a central office for direct posting to your Order Entry system.


(1) Windows Mobile or Android Device


There are a number of Windows Mobile devices and many Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxie Note that can have your customers, items and their pricing on the device. Allow you to take orders and then send them to the head office accounting system. Bar Code scanners can also be attached. If you want an iPad ordering process
give us a call and we have a solution there too.

(2) Use your standard Wireless Package from your provider for all communcations.

Standard wireless packages from your favorite providers can handle all data synchronization and communcations of data and sales orders back to head office.  

(3) Leave them with the order - Add a portable printer


You can take the solution a step further by having the ability to print your order and leave them a copy. We selected the Canon BJC-50 for this part. It allows you to print using the IrDA option, and at a cost of $499 it is a great deal. The printer only weighs 2 lbs, has great colour or black and white, and you can even add an optional colour scanner to it.

  • At the end of the day all of the order information is compiled and you can email the orders to Head Office or synchronize your data when you return. (Note: Head Office requires RemoteDesk Administrator be installed.)
  • At Head Office all orders are imported directly into Sage 300 (Accpac) for processing, eliminating the need to manually re-key.
  • The "Remote" is then updated with customer, order status and inventory levels the next day.
  • Remote sales allow your sales people to be more responsive and handle customer requirements quickly.

    Estimated Cost Breakdown:
    RemoteDesk for Android version .............. $495
    Windows Device (version 3.1 or greater).. $399 or less
    Portable Printer.......................... $499 or less
    Android Devices  ...................... $199 or less

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