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RemoteDesk Setup Steps

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The following is a brief description of the steps for installing RemoteDesk.

If you are using an Evaluation version install and use the sample data provided. Login using blank user ID and password

RemoteDesk Quick Setup - Administrator

  • 1. Install RemoteDesk
      Place the CD in the drive of the Administrator PC. You can then play with the sample data that is automatically installed until you are ready to create your own. A reminder that sample data is not available once this step is done.

  • 2. Setup your own company
      A Setup Wizard automatically starts and takes you through the setup process. If you want to re-configure RemoteDesk, you can start the Setup Wizard from the Help drop down menu and click on Setup Wizard, or do it individually by accessing each menu option.

      The wizard will take you through the following steps:
      • a. Define Internet connection
      • b. Office Mail connection if MS Exchange or MS Mail is used
      • c. Define the Accounting system interface you are using
      • d. Reset the RemoteDesk sample database for a new company

      A reminder the Administrator must set up completely before remote clients can be communicated with. See Chapter 3.

  • 3. Accounting System Integration
      The setup steps vary slightly depending on the accounting system you are using.

      • For the evaluation version you can import your data into RemoteDesk. You will not be able to receive orders into your accounting system without a full version.

      • ACCPAC DOS integration steps. For the live version you must create an install diskette from the CD to add a menu choice to ACCPAC Plus Order Entry.
      • ACCPAC Windows integration steps
      • Great Plains Dynamics integration steps.

    4. Contact Management System integration
      If you want to check out the Contact Management Integration see the following items depending on which Contact Manager you have.

    5. Communications and System settings
      You can make advanced settings in the RemoteDesk Company Profile.
      Select Profile then Company Profile option.
      Company Tab - Enter company name and address info;
      Process Options tab - Set Administrator order entry options;
      Data Options tab - set accounting systems and contact management data paths and inventory optional fields, set /quote/order/customer numbering sequence;
      Communications tab - Define communications options and methods; See Chapter 3

  • 6. Table Maintenance
      You must first define tax rates and status tables in RemoteDesk before importing customers and inventory items. See Chapter 3

  • 7. Import
      Setup RemoteDesk database by importing your accounting system data such as Customers, ship-to addresses, inventory items. See Chapter 6

  • 8. Customer/ Ship-To Maintenance
      Check imported customers and lookup tables. See Chapter 3

  • 9. Order Template
      Set sales order field options as well as new customer field defaults. See Chapter 3

  • 10. Remote Maintenance
      In the Administrator, using the remote maintenance program, add a new remote client for as many as you have purchased. Setup form options, define names, E-mail info, processing options and sales order screen defaults. Then click on "Register". The Register button sends a registration E-mail message to the RemoteDesk client. See Chapter 3

    RemoteDesk Quick Setup - Remote Site

    1. Install RemoteDesk
      Using the diskettes or CD-Rom sent by your Administrator. install the program as outlined in chapter 2. When you run the program for the first time, remember to enter the "Remote client" serial number into the Serial Number prompt at start up. See Chapter 3, Remote PC Setup for most options.

    2. Setup Wizard
      When you start RemoteDesk for the first time the Setup Wizard starts up and takes you through a few settings to establish e-mail and communications with Administrator.
      • a. Internet mail settings
      • b. MS Mail or MS Exhange mail settings

        Everything else will be sent to you from the Administrator. Then contact the Administrator for registration. See Chapter 3

    3. Register with the Administrator (you are not required to register with BSG).
      The Administrator has sent you an E-mail message using the remote registration process (step 10). Select Process and click on Receive.
      This will test the E-mail and create an acknowledgment message for the Administrator to say the message was received.

    4. Send back a receipt acknowledgment
      Restart RemoteDesk to activate the settings. Return to RemoteDesk and Click on the Send process and select Send to return the acknowledgment and confirm to the Administrator that registration is complete. See Chapter 5

    5. Administrator Receives Acknowledgement - sent from remote client. The Administrator selects RECEIVE to activate the site with the acknowledgement. Now the Remote Site is fully registered, and ready to receive the database.

    6. Administrator Data Upload - Select Send to send new data files (customers, items, look up tables) to remote client PC. See Chapter 5

    7. Remote receives database files - You can now receive items, pricing, tables and order options. From Process select receive to receive the full database. You are sent everything you need to be "live". Once received, begin live quote, sales order entry and daily communications with the head office. See Chapter 5

    8. To set up more remote sites repeat steps 3 onward.

    9. Register RemoteDesk Administrator product with Bravo within 30 day period.

    10. To purchase additional remote client "seats" in Administrator, contact BSG or your dealer. See Chapter 2.

    11. For Daily operations - quote and order processing See Chapter 7.

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