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Before upgrading your RemoteDesk product to version 3.0,

  1. If you have live data, do not install this version. Customer Care members will be given a special link that includes conversion tables for your data, plus we will provide you with a utility which will allow your remotes to update concurrently. This version is for new installations only.
  2. Ensure that a backup copy of the \database folder has been made. This contains all of your RemoteDesk data. This is necessary should a restore to the original database be required.
  3. ALL RemoteDesk databases, Administrator and Remote sites must be converted to version 3.0 at the same time.
  4. Ensure that all current sales orders are sent from the remote sites and posted through to your accounting system before beginning the update process.
  5. The RemoteDesk Maintenance function should be run to purge all archives and audit logs. If you want to back these up before purging, make a copy of the folder \remotedesk\archive which contains all of the archived send files. As well all of the audit reports should be purged. If you backup your data first, the audit reports will also be backed up for future reference. The formats will no longer match the new database.

After Upgrading

  1. The Customer, Ship-to and item data tables are cleared during the conversion process. These must be re-imported into the Administrator from the Accounting system. Then the Administrator sends the new data to all of the remote sites.
  2. If you use customized Order, Quote or Invoice print forms at the Administrator or Remote sites, they must be converted through Seagate Crystal Reports to the new version 3 database. See the separate steps. DETAILS, PROVIDE WAY TO DISTRIBUTE THEM
  3. If you use RemoteDesk User ID’s and passwords, to allow a user ID to access the new function called "Web" from the Process menu bar, The user ID requires this function be added to their access list.

This update contains the following program additions and changes:

  1. Direct Support for the PocketPC handheld – RemoteDesk Administrator can now provide a direct interface to a handheld PocketPC device. RemoteDesk programs for the PocketPC called RemoteCE, is a new software add-on in the RemoteDesk family. A remote site in RemoteDesk can now be a PocketPC device in addition to a laptop or desktop PC. Company Profile Communications tab now provides for a PPC type site.
  2. Direct Support for Sales Orders from Web Shopping Carts - RemoteDesk now provides options to automatically receive sales orders from Internet Service Providers that host on-line Shopping Carts. With new opportunities to have your orders taken on the Internet, RemoteDesk can receive them and post them to your accounting system for you without re-keying. A remote site can now be defined as a web shopping cart site when automation from an Internet ordering form is required. Contact Bravo sales for specific information or visit our website at:
  3. New program option "Web" added to Process bar - A new program called "Web" found on the Process Bar will launch your default web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to view web sites directly from RemoteDesk. This program is very useful when the sales person must get current information from the Internet in a quick and easy manner. You can add special corporate web pages, "hidden" pages, or informational web sites to the list for quick access from RemoteDesk. You can even access PC based or Intranet pages by simply entering the full drive and path such as C:\localweb\doit.htm. This new function replaces the "launch" option previously found here. The Launch option is used to start a pre-defined Batch script. It is now found on the drop-down menu FILE/ PROCESS/ LAUNCH.
  4. New instant access to the RemoteDesk informational web site – Now you can get the most up-to-date information on RemoteDesk from our web site. To automatically launch your web browser, go the RemoteDesk About screen started from the Help drop-down menu, and click on the "Up-to-date Info on RemoteDesk" button. Your default browser is launched and you are taken to the RemoteDesk web site ( that contains all the latest information and updates on RemoteDesk.
  5. New Quick Setup Wizard - When installing and starting RemoteDesk for the first time, a new RemoteDesk Setup Wizard opens up and takes the user through the important setup steps. These areas are communications settings, accounting interface and emptying the RemoteDesk sample database. All of the settings made through the wizard can be altered in the Company Profile. You can also re-start the Setup Wizard from the drop-down menu HELP/ SETUP WIZARD.
  6. Improvements to the Receive program
  7. New automated mail receiving and scheduling - you can now schedule E-mail box checking through the Receive mail program. The scheduler can be set to start at a particular time for a one time mail check or it can be set to check mail continuously every time period. The default is to check mail immediately.
  8. Setting Scheduling:

    On the From? Tab on the Receive form, there are two main boxes, "Scheduling" and "Sources" .The "Scheduling" box contains the automated receive options. To begin the receive process immediately when the Receive button is clicked, click on the "Immediately" box. If you want to have the receive process check the mail box at a particular time, click on "Specific Time" and then in the select box, click on the small down arrow and choose "Check At". Set the time control to the desired time you want RemoteDesk to check the mailbox. Once this is done, click on the Receive button and RemoteDesk displays an activity box and a countdown timer. If you want to have your mailbox checked every so often, then click on "Check Every". Set the hours and minutes elapse time the Receive program is to wait between checking the mailbox. It will continue the Receive process until it is canceled. It is suggested that during this process the automatic update of all received files be enabled.

  9. New automatic Update of Received Data – you can now have RemoteDesk Administrator automatically update remote client data when a Receive process has completed. At the Administrator PC, this process is optional. You can manually choose which data files, and which sites get updated first, OR now you can have the Update process act automatically by enabling the "Automatic Update" box on the Receive form. As data is brought in, the program will update the RemoteDesk database.
  10. New event logs kept – There are new Receive event logs being kept. There are logs for the Internet, Office mail, PPC (handheld computer) process and Web order process as well as the standard general event log. To see the new logs click on the "Log" button on the Receive screen. There is a new selection window that you can choose the specific communications log to view. These are useful when investigating any problems that may have occurred during a Receive operation. The "Internet Log" records all of the communications between the Receiver and the Internet POP mail server. The "Office Mail" log shows events that occur between the Receiver program and the MS Exchange Mail server. The "PPC Order Log" shows the processing details of handheld orders that are being received. Some may have errors that would not otherwise be recorded in the system. The "Web orders log" shows the processing details of sales orders received from the Internet shopping cart system.
  11. New accounting systems support for Softrak System’s Adagio and also for SAP Accounting.
  12. Improvements to the Send program
  13. New automated mail sending and scheduling - you can now schedule when E-mail is to be checked in the Send mail program. The scheduler can be set to start at a particular time to send mail to all remote sites that have been selected check. As a remote site, the sending to the Administrator can be scheduled. This helps in environments where communications lines are very busy during certain hours and the send operation can be done during off peak hours instead for reliable communications. The default is to send mail immediately.
  14. New event log kept – There is a new sending event log specifically for the Internet being recorded. To see this new log click on the "Log" button on the Send screen. Choose "Internet Log" option in the selection window. There is the standard log of all communications events or the specific Internet log. This log is very useful when trying to determine problems that may have occurred during the Internet operation. The log records all of the communications between the sender and the Internet SMTP mail server.
  15. New protection in Remote Maintenance – Additional protection for accidental "Registering" or "Unregistering" of remote sites has been added to this function. There is a new Unlock tick box that must be toggled before the Register or Unregister buttons are accessible. The buttons will not be enabled until the operator clicks into the Unlock box. Additional warning messages describing each buttons function has also been added.
  16. New System Settings in Company Profile – A new button on the Process Options tab on the Company Profile form has been added called "System Settings". This button provides access to many global RemoteDesk options previously only accessible through direct editing of the Bravo.INI file. These options affect all aspect of the RemoteDesk operation. A detail description of each option can be found in the Technical Notes section on the Product CD called "systemsettings.htm".
  17. Changing options – The System Settings form consists of a scroll box of all the global system options that can be changed. Each of the options and their current settings can be seen in the list. In some cases the settings are a multiple choice. To see or change any option double-click on that option. The complete settings associated with the selected option are displayed in the section below the scroll box. The setting for the current option can be changed with a single click to any of the settings for the option. In some cases this can have reaching effects in the RemoteDesk system. It is advised that you consult the documentation on these options before making any changes.
  18. Order Entry Improvements

  19. Customer Number assignments is now handled through a new pop-up box. This box indicates that a new customer record is being added and allows the user to either use the RemoteDesk auto-numbering feature for customer IDs, or to enter the customer number to be used.
  20. New Error checking – Before an order is saved, the program verifies that certain fields on the order have been filled in for completeness. The fields checked are Customer ID, sales person ID, territory, terms code, location code, and detail item codes. If a field is in error, the program changes its field description to the color RED. If an item code is missing or incorrect, the program marks the line description field with "ERR". The program will not save an order that has errors.
  21. System option "Allow changes to Sent Orders"– When this option in the Company Profile is set ON, the orders that have been sent from the Remote site to the Administrator can be altered and modified. When a sent order is changed, the order entry program then resets the "sent" status back to "not sent" and next time orders are sent to head office, any modified orders will also be sent again. At the head office, these re-sent orders are updated in RemoteDesk. Changes can be made to orders BEFORE they are posted to accounting. Note that once orders are posted to accounting, any subsequent changes to orders must be manually made in the accounting system.
  22. Import process changes – The import program has changed to reduce the number of pop-up forms during the actual process. When importing the Item, Customer or Ship-to address tables, a screen box with the options Only Update and Replace List shows the two ways the RemoteDesk table can be updated. The Only Update option adds and replaces new changes from the accounting database, never deletes. The Replace List option, empties the RemoteDesk table first and then brings in all of the related data from the accounting system. The Import process previously always displayed and prompted for some user options. Now these forms can be entered once and the form skipped on subsequent operations.
  23. Improved audit for inbound and outbound order tracking - The Detailed Order Audit report, which shows all orders created, modified, deleted, exported, sent and received by date/time, contains new information for Send and Receive processes. The processes Send and Receive now update the order audit with the sequential batch ID for each order in their order reference field that appears on the report. In this way the actual batch (RD data packet) the order was sent in can now be determined. Previously only the date and time were indicated.
  24. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Changes in PTF 2.5.4 - included with 3.0 release

  25. Internet Dial-up and access– The Internet access routines for sending and receiving over the Internet have all been updated. In particular you will notice quicker loading and operation as well, fewer Windows system resources are required. There is better message feedback of current operations as well as a new detailed Internet log on the Send and Receive forms in RemoteDesk. You will notice some screen display differences.
  26. Data compression and encryption– programs have been updated. This should result in fewer problems with Windows resources. You will not notice any operational differences.
  27. RemoteDesk Registration time-stamp file– has now been moved to the \database folder as well as the program now saves the BRAVO.INI file to this folder. This will allow database backups to occur easier as only one folder "\database " now has to be copied and backed up for complete RD system and data settings to be saved.
  28. A new program option "File Utilities"– has been added as a utility that will data file checking and rebuilding of index files in the RemoteDesk database. This new option is accessed by running "Create New Data" program and clicking on the "Options" button, then clicking on the "File Utilities" button on the Options form. This is useful for files such as Order header and detail tables, order status table, customer table and inventory table. This new option would be used in the event the regular RemoteDesk File Maintenance program found a data table error through the "Pack Table" function and you were unable to re-receive an update from head office. To use the rebuild or check integrity, click on the single table you want to examine from the "Options" form and then click on "File Utilities" button. On the File Utilities form, click on Rebuild Table or Check Data Integrity or both.

Thank you for using a Bravo Software Group product. We are very proud of this new release, as it was practically a re-write of the product to contain the latest technological advancements for internet access, e-mail methodologies, encryption, security and a whole range of new features the users have been asking for. It is the largest release in our 15-year history, and we hope you enjoy it.

"eBusiness software for the new era"

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