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RemoteDesk Success Stories

    RemoteDesk is installed in over 22 countries, with varying degrees of companies. From small to large, from Toy Manufacturers to Golf Equipment distributors, if you sell products and have ACCPAC Plus or Windows, then you NEED RemoteDesk.
    Here are a few of our most recent installs;

  • ADCO Boilers
  • AS Marketing & Design
  • Acorn Australia
  • Antraco Aruba
      RemoteDesk, Client
      Antraco has grown to a world-wide reputation in trading and distribution business of chemicals and to the position of a genuine partner equally committed to customers and suppliers. The Antraco Ltd. make every effort to be the middleman between producer and consumer by creating longlasting/permanent connections. Our partners, i.e. our suppliers as well as our customers gain by our many years' experience in the chemicals markets and, moreover, by our far-reaching knowledge in the field of the international market situation.
  • B-Line Tire & Auto Supply
  • Best Friends
  • Bette & Court
      RemoteDesk and RemoteDesk Apparel-PAC add-on
      Bette & Court believe in building business and relationships the old fashioned way. They take care of their customers and watch the bottom line.
      Bette & Court is endorsed by top LPGA professional Michelle McGann. Fashion-forward and feminine, the garments in this special Bette & Court group are stylish and functional.
  • Bren-Kir Industrial Supplies
  • BrayCorp
  • C&K Systems
      C & K Systems, formed in 1982, has grown into one of the industry's largest, most successful security product manufacturers. Today, C & K Systems operates 29 facilities in 18 countries and ships products to an additional 60 countries around the world. With more than 2,000 employees the company offers a full line of security products recognized under the brand names C & K, IntelliSense, and Securitech. Products include DUAL TEC motion sensors, PIR sensors, glassbreak detectors, wireless systems, control panels, CCTV products, fire panels, magnetic contacts, sounders, speakers, power supplies, monitoring software and accessories.
  • Cansling/DBI Canada
      For the past fourteen years, Can-Sling/DBI has developed and solidified our reputation by introducing innovative, performance-enhanced slings, such as our exclusive Diamond Edge™ Slings and Tiedowns, The Zebra™ Polyester Round Sling with Safety Stripes, our Tuffy™ line of wire rope products, and the Nicroman™ Alloy Chain Sling and Component product line. These are three recent major improvements to our family of lifting slings which have earned Can-Sling/DBI a trusted and respected place in the hands of many riggers from coast to coast. The success and overall acceptance of products like these provides encouragement and growth which becomes the foundation for continued innovation and development.
  • Cana-Pacific Imaging
  • Candlemaker Inc
  • Carlos F. Mateos
  • Canstrong
  • Carter Maxwell Racing
  • Cheque Print Solutions
  • Creekside Estate Winery
      RemoteDesk, Client & Customer
      Creekside has evolved from a small retail based 3000 case facility, into a world class winery. Creekside boasts state-of-the-art equipment, and an underground barrel cellar with an inventory of over 400 barriques (predominantly french oak), a fully equipped tasting room, and a nature trail and picnic area open daily to the public. Visit taste and enjoy!
  • Crystal Water Mountain-UK
  • Elby Gifts
  • Florists Supply Ltd.
  • GEL Tools
  • Grocers International
  • Harris Paints of Barbados
  • Hurlburt Rock Products Ltd.
  • Inner Peace Collections
  • International Electronic
  • Inroble International Inc.
  • ItalPasta
  • Lam Lee Canada
      RemoteDesk, RemoteDesk Administrator, 5 RemoteCE
      Lam Lee is an exclusive wholesale distributor of Lam Lee products in Canada and offers an extensive assortment of unique decorative accessories, accent furniture, gifts and home textiles. Lam Lee uses PocketPCs to manage over 19,000 bar coded items, 2 permanent showrooms and several temporary show booths.
  • LIMN
  • LaserCycle
      RemoteDesk e.Commerce
      LaserCycle/Ink Cycle state leading-edge technology is nothing new. Our core management and production team hails from the nuclear weapons industry where precision isn't just a goal, it's a minimum requirement. Our manufacturing acumen and quality control focus enables us to consistently deliver superior aftermarket products. As a world leader, InkCycle breaks through technological barriers by implementing innovative solutions to the inkjet remanufacturing process. Our pursuit for excellence is evident in our in-house custom-built machinery, ink formulations, and our patented processes. As one of the nation's Top 10 laser printer remanufacturers, LaserCycle delivers consistently superior quality products for laser printer, fax, and microfiche cartridges.
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  • Leo Berbee Bulb Company
  • Marco Wood Products
  • Natural Health Zone
  • PAC National
      Over the past 25 years, PAC has become the premier supplier of specialty packaging solutions to the air courier industry, serving leading companies such as Airborne Express, United Parcel Service, the United States Postal Service, and many others. We help you build your brand, as well as your business.
  • Petroleum Importers Limited
  • Pier Garden
      Your goal is to be in style and our goal is to keep you in style. Urgent Gear brand strives to bring style to your everyday life. Whether you are looking for jeans, cargo pants or just the right shirt, you can always turn to us
  • Playmobil USA
      RemoteDesk, Client and RemoteCE for PocketPC
      PLAYMOBIL® headquarters in Zirndorf, Germany are housed in a 1.6 million square foot, state-of-the-art building, where more than 500 employees oversee management, administration, research and development, mold construction, and decoration for the world-famous toys. The company also has subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Benelux, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, employing nearly 2,500 people worldwide, and has made recent sales inroads in South America, Australia, and the Middle and Far East. Approximately 3 million individual parts are produced, amounting to a total of about 60 million parts per month. Because Playmobil enjoys RemoteDesk so much, they are taking the solution along when they convert from their current accounting system, to SAP.
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  • Precambrian Wholesale Ltd
  • Premier Beverages - Antigua
      RemoteDesk, RemoteCE for PocketPC
      Home of Cavalier and English Harbour Antigua rums. Enjoy the fruits of our labours.
  • RangeLand USA
      The Company's founders have been in the golf business since 1966. The founders family converted its prune and apricot orchards into the 6,500 yard 18 hole championship golf course known as the Oak Ridge Golf Club. By 1980, Oak Ridge Golf Club was among the busiest golf courses in the south Bay Area with nearly 100,000 rounds of golf played each year. As a side project, they developed and patented the first computerized ball dispenser with the capability of dispensing a variable number of balls for each of three selections. The overwhelming response to this new product at the annual PGA National Trade Show led to the founding of Range Land USA, the driving range equipment and accessory company in 1993.
  • Reln Plastics Pty Ltd
      Reln Plastics is a multi-award winning and quality-endorsed Australian company, known for designing and producing innovative quality plastic products for the Australian and international markets. Widely acclaimed in both industry and environmental forums, Reln manufactures its own lines of domestic and industrial products with applications as diverse as surface water drainage, plumbing, agriculture, aquaculture and gardening. Reln also provides design and product management for leading manufacturers in the automotive, medical, and packaging industries
  • Sabana Farms Canada Inc
  • Sabi Food Industries Pte
  • Savage Equipment
  • Sea Tel, Inc.
      Sea Tel specializes in Marine Stabilized Antenna Systems for Satellite Communications (two-way communications) and Satellite Television-at-Sea (DBS/DTH, TV-at-Sea) and Weather Satellite Tracking (WeSat Weather-at-Sea). Sea Tel holds sole access to key US Patents and other proprietary technology that assure you get a stable satellite signal, one you can count on even in rough seas and gale force winds
  • Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd.
      RemoteDesk & Handhelds
      Silani, for over 50 years, is proudly owned and operated by three grandsons of the original founders and is steeped in family honour and valued traditions that have helped make Silani Ontario’s fastest growing specialty cheese company with over 200 exquisite cheese products.
  • Soroc Technology
      Soroc Technology (Canada) Inc. was established in Canada in 1981 as a distributor of Soroc computer based terminals for IBM, DEC, Basic Four and Tandem. Since our inception, we have evolved our engineering know-how to include every aspect of custom design and manufacturing.
  • Sonne Labs
  • Summit Motor Products
  • Sun-North Systems
  • Sunset Hills Foliage
  • Spectra Precision
  • Strata Inc.
  • Timberwolf Hearth Products
  • Time Reader Services
  • Tong Garden Sdn Bhd
      RemoteDesk and RemoteCE for PocketPC
      Tong Garden is Asia's Largest Nut company, and the only company that is truly dedicated to providing a complete range of nut products to meet the needs and tastes of people from around the region. It encompasses 5 factories with over 700 employees. Find out why you'd be nuts not to visit!
  • Trent Pharmaceutical Distributors
  • Van-Whole Produce Ltd.
  • Viking Foods
  • Whibco Inc.

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