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RemoteDesk Success Profile

    Critical Issue:
    They wanted a system to collect orders from sales reps. They wanted a solution that would reduce the labour of data entry and they were having problems with accuracy, legibility and order turnaround.
    Current System:
    ACCPAC Plus - although they are in the process of converting to the Windows system. This will not affect RemoteDesk as it is a product that can integrate to ACCPAC Plus or Windows They wanted to get this function running on the DOS platform so they could keep the 'new variables' at a minimum
    Requirements they were looking for:
    Wanted a system that could be operated easily to take orders for direct posting to their back end accounting system.
    BSG provided:
    RemoteDesk - their quote, sales order and invoicing system.
    They now have 14 salesreps and a large customer placing orders 24 hours a day, with great speed, convenience and accuracy. This improved order turnaround, eliminated errors caused from data entry and legibility, and streamlined comminications between head office and the sales reps.
    A Closing Statement:
    Rob Alstrin, Director of Operations ....
    "Overall, it is a super product. I really find it easy to use and administer. I cannot speak more highly of their support, it is rare to be able to get such quick helpful tech support. It is a great product and they are a delight to deal with!
    I would recommend the product to any company that takes orders!"
    More Information:
    Want to know some general information?? As an aside - a potential user contacted this company and asked them the following questions, we have put them up here for your review: (original copy available by fax)
    Q1 - How long has your company been using the RemoteDesk?
    Reply - Since Nov. 1998
    Q2 - What version is your RemoteDesk, has your current version been modified?
    Reply - We are using version 2.3.1, and as a member of their subscription program, receive updates automatically as released. Originally we had the company do a custom modification to suit our business processes, which are now a standard part of the product. This was very nice!
    Q3 - How many remote clients do you have?
    Reply - We have 10 salesreps using RemoteDesk and 1 Customer version that we introduced to our best customer
    Q4 - How many orders do you process daily?
    Reply - We process 50 orders per day
    Q5 - What is your primary way of communication, any problems with this?
    Reply - We use e-mail for communications. We don't really have communications problems or lost orders. If there is a problem sending orders to the host site, it will let you know and there is a feature in RemoteDesk called "Re-send" the orders. We also use MS Exchange in house for our e-mail distribution.
    Q6 - Does your ACCPAC system run on a network?
    Reply - We run our system on an NT network. Prior to this we were using both a Novell and NT server, but have now consolidated
    Q7 - How many inventory items do you have?
    Reply - We have about 4500 items
    Q8 - What is the import/export process like?
    Reply - The import/export process is easy and there are reports within RemoteDesk to monitor the orders and transactions
    Q9 - Have you ever had any 'lost data'?
    Reply - There has never been any data loss and the entire process of receiving the e-mailed orders to printing the picking slip takes only 1 minute. Very helpful in reducing errors at order entry, reducing double entry and providing good up-to-date inventory status for the sales reps.
    Q10 - Is Bravo helpful?
    Reply - Extremely! They are great to deal with! It is rare to be able to get such quick helpful tech support. They are a delight to deal with!
    Q11 - Do you have any complaints about RemoteDesk?
    Reply - No, but the salesreps do want a copy of the Item Status report to get an overall look at inventory... but we simply attach this using RemoteDesk's "Launch" feature from an Excel spreadsheet. My users are totally computer illiterate, but do very well with this program. I am the only one to support them, as well as handling many other job responsibilities, so you know it must be easy to use.
    Q12 - What is your rating overall on RemoteDesk?
    Reply - Overall, it is a super product. I really find it easy to use and administer. I cannot speak more highly of their support and ease of use. It is a great product!
    Thanks Rob, from Bravo Software Group


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