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RemoteDesk Success Profile

    LaserCycle - Quality products for your printers!
    LaserCycle/Ink Cycle
    Lenexa, Kansas
    Distributor/wholesaler for recycled inkjet and laser components
    Critical Issue:
    They wanted to become an and set up a website that could handle B2B scenarios. With a very sophisticated user base of corporate, wholesale and retail customers, they needed a site that could handle complex pricing scenarios individual to each customer. In addition it needed to handle the updating to and from ACCPAC Plus cost effectively.
    Current System:
    ACCPAC Plus
    Requirements they were looking for:
    Wanted a site that could handle thier varying price strategies, and could be maintained easily to take orders for direct posting to their back end accounting system.
    They now have a website with store front that allows their over 3000 items to be ordered simply and efficiently by their existing customers and new logins. In the highly competitive industry of printer supplies, they needed something to set them apart, and making it easy for customers to order from them was a priority.
    A Closing Statement:
    David Kroenke, MIS Manager
    "When I first discovered RemoteDesk it revolutionized my design. It has been a lifesaver to the back-end integration of our web system. I was getting quotes at the $100,000 mark to get end-to-end processing, and this entire scenario has cost significantly less. It is simple, and provides us with reporting and trend analysis that has helped us tremendously with our forecasting. I look forward to expanding with Bravo products, and growing with our strategy.
    I have appreciated all the support Bravo has provided, and how they keep in touch with their weekly e-mails that talk about what is going on in the world of e.commerce, and tips on how we can better utilize our resources."


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