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RemoteDesk Success Profile

    Hurlburt Rock Products Ltd.
    Fort Macleod, Alberta
    We are in the Sand, Gravel and Concrete supply and delivery business
    Critical Issue:
    Hand written delivery slips (orders) were manually transferred from 3 locations to head accounting office. Data was entered at that point and an invoice was created for our A/R system.
    Total time involved per transaction was 8.5 minutes X 7000 transaction per year or approx. 1000 hours of time. We needed to reduce the amount of paper being generated and the amount of time it was taking. We were using Accpac for DOS and some companion products, some of which were not Y2K compatible. We needed to upgrade and expand our entire accounting system.
    Current System:
    Accpac for Windows version 4.1A, GL, AR, AP, IC, OE
    Requirements they were looking for:
    When we started to investigate new software we had a simple rating system; 1 to 10 points for each required component: (1) accounting, (2) invoicing and (3) data transfer. Because we are in a specialized business there are quite a few industry specific software developers in North America to choose from. After we researched these the best total score we could achieve was 17.
    The ACCPAC for windows accounting system we were semi familiar with and knew we could trust it, that scored a 10.
    The Bravo RemoteDesk as an invoice/order system scored an 8 for us (the only reason it did not score a 10 is it is not specifically tied to our industry).
    The RemoteDesk as a means of data transfer scored a definite 10.
    Pretty simple, the score was 28/30 to 17.
    Bravo RemoteDesk made this solution a hands down winner.
    The process time for each order has dropped from 8.5 minutes to 3 minutes!! For us that is a drop in actual wages of $9750 per year.
    Along with the actual monetary savings we have experienced, we have also been able to have our accounting system no more than 24 hours behind. Typically we could be as much as 3 weeks behind with our old system, so this is the biggest stride forward for us.
    A Closing Statement:
    Thane Hurlburt, General Manager

    "On February 1st, 2000 we started to use our new system which was all new hardware and software. We wish every aspect of this "year worth of learning" was as simple as RemoteDesk. Two comments from one of our branch managers sums up our experience;
    first RemoteDesk order June 2000, "..why are we doing this, I could have hand written 10 orders in the time it has taken me to do this one...".
    in October when we had to remove his computer because of a hardware problem,"....please don't take my computer, it takes so long and my hand gets sore from having to hand write orders..." True story!
    Bravo Software Group and Donna Folden of Young Parkyn McNab have been a critical component to the easy installation and total success of our system, and I would recommend both companies to anyone in need of quality software, service and especially support.


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