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    Calgary, Alberta
    Compradores is a wholesaler of furniture and home and garden accessories. Starting from a small line of garden pottery and antique accent furnishing, Compradores has expanded to nearly 1,200 SKUís, 6 permanent showrooms and several temporary show booths.
    Critical Issue:
    We had to find a solution to increase the accuracy of the orders taken at the shows. We were returning from a show with several hundred orders. As data entry staff worked to enter the orders colour and style inaccuracies as well as address were being encountered, slowing the process of getting the orders into the system. These delays stretched our order cycle from Asia and were resulting in lost orders, and unhappy customers.
    Current System:
    Accpac for Windows Ė Enterprise Edition
    Requirements they were looking for:
    Compradores had to identify a cost effective means of getting the orders into the accounting system in a more accurate time-effective manner.
    We introduced Bravo Softwares RemoteDesk which incorporates hand-held barcode scanners that provided our sales people with inventory, pricing and outstanding payments history.

    Training was straight forward and the simplicity of the system allowed for seamless transition into the new system. We save 40 to 60 man-hours of input time for each trade-show we attend, and more importantly;
    • the information is available the day the order is written,
    • the information is accurate
    • and the customer leaves the showroom with a professional looking Sales Order,
    • allows for verification of ship-to and bill-to address.
    Currently, we have RemoteDesk, 2 RemoteDesk Administrators, and 7 RemoteCE units for bar code scanning using the Symbol handhelds.
    A Closing Statement:
    Brian Laberge

    "I am pleased with this product. it has helped us to cost-effectively deal with our tradeshow environment, and provide our sales reps with a simple and efficient tool in the order processing cycle. I look forward to expanding with Bravo products, and growing with our strategy."
    "Bravo have been responsive, supportive, and have provided us with the product quality and service that our company needs."


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