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RemoteDesk Evaluation
Version Setup Steps

How To Install

This program operates under Windows 95,98, NT, 2000 and X/P.
  1. Close all other Windows programs excluding your browser, as the product will automatically begin installation once it has downloaded.
  2. The full evaluation version is approximately 22.875 meg. You will need to account for the time, and disk space, which when expanded will be about 40 meg.
  3. Once the download is complete, using Windows Explorer locate the download file and Double click on the self-extracting file REMEVAL.EXE
  4. You will be required to receive a password from Bravo to unzip the .exe file. This has been put in place due to the increased volume of recipients not providing us with valid information. We appreciate your patience and will respond to your requests ASAP. Click here to request a encryption code
  5. Once you have the encryption code, enter this and it will immediately begin the extraction process and load an installation wizard. Be patient while it allocates resources
  6. Once the extraction process has completed, it proceeds to the installation wizard. Loading this wizard can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on your memory availability and computer speed. For slow machines with less than 128 meg of ram, it may appear as if it is doing nothing. If you listen you will hear your hard drive whirring as it goes back and forth between the hard drive and RAM.
  7. At last you will see the Install Process Begin. It will ask you numerous questions, answer these as best you can. Any questions you aren't able to satisfy can be modified in the company profile afterwards. It is simply trying to get as much information pre-loaded as possible. Any defaults that appear in the fields, unless you are positive these are incorrect, simply accept them. The wizard also attempts to get information from your system where possible.
  8. If this sounds lengthy, for some machines it is. Any machine greater than a Pentium 3 should not experience the time delays in loading. Be Patient, you are receiving the full product which is usually shipped on a CD-ROM. Have a cup of coffee, read a magazine from that pile that grows daily, or call your mom just to say "Hi".
  9. To Read, Print or Download the Setup Instructions press here. This will guide you through the system setup and operation cycle for after the product has loaded.


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