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Web Settings:

Use this option when you are interfacing to a web based ordering system such as HTML or shopping cart scenario.


Support for E-Commerce Shopping Cart Integration

RemoteDesk can provide automated shopping cart integration of sales orders entered from an external web hosting site. These sales orders can be polled in a scheduled manner for updates to your accounting system. RemoteDesk treats the web shopping cart source as another remote site. There are a number of unique options for shopping cart integration.

Select the Web based access method by toggling the box on.


Batch ASCII file transfer: (This is a future option)


E-mail transfer:

Using this method, received E-mail messages contain a single sales order consisting of formatted key fields in the message body that identify elements of the sales order. These E-mails are typically order confirmations that are sent out by the web shopping cart system. They are formatted with unique key fields that match the default setting.


There are three options that are available, CGI message, and Attachment, but only the "subject" field is normally used. It should contain the E-mail subject used by the web shopping cart system for its order confirmations. RemoteDesk uses this subject for E-mail identification. It is suggested that you accept the program defaults for "Order Mask Prefix" and E-mail "Format".

Note: When a Remote Client is defined as a "Web Based Access" method, the detail options are all dimmed. Only the method types of "E-Mail Transfer" or "Batch Ascii File Transfer" can be chosen.

Determining Web Sales Order Subject

For setup of your web sales order configurations, you may want to have RemoteDesk display the subject of each sales order that is received. You may not have a correct web sales order subject to fill in and this option will help you set the right one. The option is called "Web sales order scanning - Step-by-step subject display". This option is found under "System Settings" on the Process Option tab in the section called "General Processing Options". In the Receive function, all E-mail subjects are displayed and the program allows you to "set" the correct one to a permanent setting.


Other processing option settings:

There are more specific options for shopping cart sales orders received into RemoteDesk. These are found on the Company Profile tab "Process Options" under the "System Settings" button.

The "System Settings" option button is discussed in detail in this chapter. A brief outline is below:

Web Interface - Default Customer Code for Any New Customer

This setting forces RemoteDesk to always assign a pre-defined AR Customer Code to all web sales orders. This is similar to using a special "cash customer" code for all of your cash sales. With this option, the customer name and address come from the web shopping cart, but the customer code on the order is always the same and the sales are booked to the same code.

Web Interface - Auto-create New Permanent Customer codes

This setting enables the creation of a new AR customer code for every new customer that is received from the web shopping cart. If you want to create a new AR customer record for all web sales then use this option. The customer code used will match the option set in the Remote Site that is defined for web shopping, "starting order number" and "order number prefix". If this options is set to "NO", and the option "Default customer code for any new customer" is left blank, RemoteDesk will create a temporary customer number for any new sales customers received.

Web Interface - Export New Web Customers to Accounting

This option determines if the Export function will export any new web customers created in RemoteDesk to Accounting. Typically you would set this to NO to keep all new web customers in RemoteDesk for future analysis and only pass a pre-defined customer number to your accounting system .


Two other System Settings you may want to consider the value of for new web customers, are:

Do you want to set new customers On Hold?

When this option is set to YES, all new customers created in RemoteDesk are set On Hold. This can then prevent further automatic processing by RemoteDesk or your accounting system, until you have evaluated it.

Allow processing of orders for customers On Hold?

When this options is set to NO, a sales order that has a customer on credit hold will not be Sent or Exported . Set this option to YES to allow RemoteDesk to do normal processing with new customers or customers ON HOLD.

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